Friday, February 5, 2016

Forensic Friday: Get-ForensicFileRecord

[This is the first article in my Forensic Friday series.  Every Friday I will provide a short post on a forensic topic of interest or PowerForensics functionality (such as cmdlet descriptions, use cases, and details about lesser known features). Subscribe to Invoke-IR so you don’t miss a Forensic Friday!]

Lets start with Get-ForensicFileRecord, the PowerForensics cmdlet I tend to use the most.  This cmdlet parses the Master File Table (MFT) of an NTFS formatted volume (more formats are in the works).  This function provides the base for all other NTFS based PowerForensics cmdlets and allows an analyst to perform a variety of different tasks (finding files, recovering deleted files, detecting timestomping, etc).  As always, please leave any questions or comments about this post below, maybe you’ll inspire the next Forensic Friday post!

Common Use

By default, this cmdlet parses the $MFT file on the system’s C: volume but can be pointed at any logical volume. The -Index and -Path parameters tell Get-ForensicFileRecord to parse and return a single MFT File Record. Lastly, an exported $MFT file can be parsed using the -MftPath parameter in order to perform offline analysis. I’ve listed a few examples below.

Parse a volume’s Master File Table and store in $mft variable (Example using volume “C:”):
$mft = Get-ForensicFileRecord -VolumeName C:

Parse MFT record based on Index/Record Number (Example with Index 0):
Get-ForensicFileRecord -Index 0

Parse MFT record based on file path (Example with C:\Windows\System32\config\SAM):
Get-ForensicFileRecord -Path C:\Windows\System32\config\SAM

Parse an exported Master File Table (Example for C:\evidence\MFT):
$mft = Get-ForensicFileRecord -MftPath C:\evidence\MFT


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